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Wild Poker

Texas Holdem Power Up Style


Following on from the early success of Pokerstars Power Up, late December 2017 has seen the release of the next power up poker solution.

The new game is known as Wild Poker, and its release serves to indicate that the opportunities to play different versions of Power Up poker games may be set to explode.

On this page we’ll review how Wild Poker works and how you can get to play the game….

       What Is Wild Poker        Video       How To Play       The Powers       Where To Play        The Future       Strategy       Summary

What Is Wild Poker?

Wild Poker is of course……poker. Texas holdem in fact, but not as you know it. You’ll be playing as one of the poker ‘champs’ (and you might even be playing against a real one). Champs are based on animals, with each one holding special power up powers that can be used to influence the outcome of a ‘normal’ poker hand – deploying power-ups, developing characters, progressing through levels, and adding other interesting strategic and adventure-based elements.

Essentially it’s real poker but with added elements of Role Playing Games, or RPGs.

The main ‘champ’ name to be aware of at this stage is Floyd Mayweather, the fighter. You can play as Floyd and use his power to overcome your opponents, or play against him and try to take down a boxing superstar.

Floyd acts as the game presenter during the hands. He sets up challenges and missions during the games, and makes sure that special offers and bonuses give you plenty to keep coming back for.

The game has been created by Playtrex, an Israel-based firm who state on their website….

”Playtrex is pioneering the new genre of Social Casino Adventure games. Adding Powerful twists to the age-old games, allow us to create the next generation of social casino apps by adding a level of adventure, strategy, and purpose to casino-style games. Our mission is to renew and evolve the social casino genre and to make it more fun and appealing to all types of players.”

Marketing is by Hero Digital Entertainment, and there’s every chance that the two firms combined will position Wild Poker as a great vehicle for showcasing their talents.

How To Play 

With Wild Poker you’ll play against other players for chips and by standard texas holdem rules, but with the added complexity of using the power up powers of your animal avatar. These are powers which are different from animal to animal and can be activated to change the course of a normal poker round.

The further you progress in the game, the more animals are unlocked and become available to play.

You won’t be playing for real money, but there are options for making in-app purchases that will improve your winning chances and progression through the game.

Power ups can be used on your turn, or before the end of any betting round.  

The Powers

Each animal player has a different power – a giraffe, shark, and chimpanzee, just to name a few. The further players progress, the more animals and skills they unlock.


The Shark

Sharks are well known for their ability to smell blood at long distances, and this power can serve you well at the poker table by sniffing out the weakest hand at the table. 

The Owl

Knowing the odds against any opponent is a valuable benefit, and the Owl is the animal who’s wise enough to calculate the odds of any potential play. 

The Dog

We’ve seen that the shark can smell the weakest hand, but knowing the strongest hand can be useful too. This is the dog’s power, and you can use canine cunning to work out who’s got you beat. 

The Giraffe

With a long neck you can see a lot of stuff that others can’t, and the Giraffe is obviously well endowed in this area. As the Giraffe you can see over other players shoulders and read their cards.

The Monkey

Holding the monkey power up gives you the ability to draw an additional (3rd) hole card and discard any one of your choice before the flop.

The Lion

The lion gives you the ability to know how your hand ranks against the hands of other players at the table.  


Where To Play

You can play Wild Poker either on Apple or Android devices either by visiting the Apple Store or Google Play.



It’s very early to be talking about successful playing strategies. Those are going to develop over time.

Clearly though it’s going to be wildly important to have a strong understanding of general texas holdem strategy, and probably just as important to have played other games that involve power ups like Hearthstone.


The Future

Right now you can only play Wild Poker for play money, and with Playtrex firmly positioned as a social gaming developer it seems unlikely that a real money version will be introduced.

So what does the future hold?

Clearly the first steps are going to be to build a strong player base, get the name and the game known. Future developments could then see introduction of new animals and powers, increasing the complexity of the gameplay.



After a longish period of growth, both the online poker and social casino gaming industries are in a hold pattern where numbers of new players are stagnating. However for social gaming in particular – and certainly for poker too – there is still significant potential.

Unlocking that potential is the golden target. It needs innovative gaming solutions, and operators like Wild Poker are at the forefront of developments. Poker purists may not take to it in droves, but anyone new to the game and wanting a fun, social experience may well find Wild Poker gives enough interest to at least be an introduction to more traditional poker gaming.

From an entertainment perspective, Wild Poker’s approach to power up poker games looks to be well-positioned to compete with the best. You won’t be playing for real money as you would in Pokerstars power up game – and the animal theme may seem a little unadventurous, but on the plus side it works well as a theme for a play money game where there’s no risk to your cash unless you decide to make in-game purchases.