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About Us

About Me

Hi. My name’s Steve. I’m the owner and author of PowerUp.Poker. 

Great domain name isn’t it? I’d say it’s the perfect vehicle for writing about this new form of poker that bears all the hallmarks of becoming a wildly popular game.

So how did it all start? 

Back in 2016 I read about the new HoldemX game, ‘got it’ and saw the potential, so I immediately went looking for a domain. Fortunately no one had got to the .poker version of power up…and here we are! was born.

My credentials? What puts me in a good position to pull together the site?

Well, there are a few reasons…..


1. I’m a gambler and I know about producing websites. The two combined position me to write reasonably well on gambling game related subjects, in a way that hopefully is easy to follow when read online.

2. I’m a poker player. Only recreationally, but I do OK and have produced good value poker focussed websites in the past off the back of that experience.

3. I’m a video games fan. Always have been, and especially anything that involves power up aspects.


So when I read about HoldemX and later Pokerstars own version article there was an immediate draw to the concept. It’s new, it sounds exciting, and all my experiences looked to add up to being well placed for putting something together on the subject that will be valuable to visitors. 

But of course all this is just focused on me with relevance to the site. So here’s a little about me from a more personal perspective…..


I’m 56. A lifelong punter, and a poker player of some 10 years. My real passion is in horse racing, and I’ve been fortunate enough to pull off a couple of big wins that mean I’ve won more than I’ve lost over the years. Probably close though…..but it’s given a lot of fun and entertainment…amid the odd moments of despair!!

I’m married, 3 children, and currently living in the UK. The Midlands to be precise. 

I’m not going to go overboard here with any more. If you want to know anything more then feel free to make contact


About PowerUp.Poker

It’s pretty obvious what the site is about, right! But what are we aiming at?

Well we’re aiming at delivering what any informational type site should be aiming to deliver….. 

Solid, well written, and informative information on the subject at hand. In a way that’s easy to understand, and covers the subject in as much depth as it can. 

That’s the intention. I’m always happy to hear of any views that suggest either we’re successful with that, or need to improve it in any way. So as before, if you’re reading down this far and do have something to comment on or suggest, then please send something in. I’ll always respond.

 Cheers Steve