Power Up Poker

The New Breed Of Online Poker Games

The Problem.....

Playing poker online has become jaded. Too anonymous. You don’t know who you’re playing, and the sharks are too strong. It’s not hard to get cleaned out unless you’re very well practiced.

The Solution.....

Poker needs something new. Something fresh. Some aspect that opens up the game to a whole new stream of players, while maintaining the allure for existing fans.

The Answer......

Power Up poker games. The new breed of online poker which takes the best of online poker and ties it up in a bundle with power up features  that add a whole new dimension and skills requirement.

Introduction   |    What Is Power Up Poker   |    Video   |    How To Play   |    Where To Play   |    What’s Different?   |    The Future   |    Summary

This video is a very early promotional one from Pokerstars designed to whet the appetite for ‘Stars version of Power Up Poker.

It was put together while in Alpha trial stage and as such may only offer a foretaste of the finished article.

Exciting stuff though! 


It’s a big word in the context of online gaming. Without innovative developments, all games run the risk of becoming tired and losing their attraction for players. It’s especially true of the various types of real money games where you’re always facing the prospect of losing money.

Even poker – the game they say takes a lifetime to master but’s easy to learn – has hit a seemingly stale patch where player numbers are no longer growing.

With player numbers in the millions still, it’s a game that calls on experience, skill, cool nerves, and a strong strategic approach. All

qualities that should be attracting new players in droves, eager to pit themselves against opponents and prove their worth.

So what’s going wrong?

As is often the case, the answers are complex.

One reason is that some fans have become disillusioned by the fact that they can have no chance against the stronger poker players. Another is that the next generation of online gamers that might be drawn to the game have grown up playing different types of games.

So poker needs something more to appeal to a new breed of online gamers. It needs new aspects to be introduced that take it a step away from the pure grinders who will clean out the fish at the tables.

That something may well be Power Up poker games – a new take on traditional poker which brings in the gaming aspects of power up cards.

What Is Power Up Poker?


Pure and simple, power up poker is a combination of traditional poker varieties – Holdem, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, and others – played by normal poker rules but with the added capability of players to use power ups to influence the game play. It’s not intended to – and never will – replace the traditional poker games enjoyed by millions of players, but does add a new aspect to the evolution of the game and open it up to potentially millions of new players.


How To Play


Playing is going to vary from operator to operator and will depend heavily on their specific version and how the power ups can be used. At a base level though, playing is subject to the normal rules of poker. What any player will need to be aware of is how power ups work, their different types and values, and any powerup specific strategies that will be valuable to know.

Of course, strategy is a major part of playing any form of poker. So if you’re keen to get involved with the power up versions it’ll be necessary to have a good grasp of normal poker rules, and at a minimum an understanding of the intricacies of basic and advanced poker strategy.

From that basis, you’ll be able to develop specific powerup-based strategies that will very likely give you an edge over less knowledgeable opponents.


Where To Play


We’re at the early stages of powerup-based gaming, although poker itself – both online and in live environments – is of course a mature game. So you can play online poker on a number of websites and have been able to for many years (as long as it’s legal for you to do so), but for games with a power up aspect attached you’re going to have to wait a while.

The big news here is that the giant operator Pokerstars – a heavyweight in the online and live tournament poker world – have already run and completed an alpha test of their own version of power up poker and are entering a further development and test phase with an eye on a full release where you’ll be able to play for real money. You can read more on Pokerstars Power Up on the dedicated page.

They’re the second operator to target development following on from HoldemX who kicked off their Xcards Alpha trial in 2016.


What’s Different Between Traditional Poker & The Power Up Versions?


As we mentioned before, the poker based element of power up games is really no different than standard gaming. The rules for different variations of poker are the same for power up games as they are for their traditional counterparts. So the major difference is of course introduced by the use of the power up features and activities themselves. Essentially they create a whole new aspect around standard gaming which can heavily influence outcomes.


The Future


Clearly it looks like Pokerstars in particular stole a march on any potential rivals, with HoldemX arguably not far behind. Both their power up games are already in full use, alpha trial or next phase testing.

If they are successful these games have the potential to turn the industry on its head. It’s not hard to see a successful full launch being followed by dozens of other options from leading poker rooms like 888 and Party Poker, and from the sportsbetting sites who also provide poker games like Bet365 and Betvictor. Even now, lesser known operators like Playtrex and their Wild Poker app are starting off on their own power up journey.

In fact, there is some evidence even now of some fear in the ranks of online poker operators that power up poker games could take traditional players away from the cash games. That’s a ‘risk’ that is worth monitoring closely.



We know that games come and go. Their popularity fluctuates. But some stand the test of time and maintain a firm position in the leaders list. Poker is one such game, although there is some evidence of a reduction in interest. There’s little doubt though that – if introduced cleverly and with a top class product – the power up versions of poker games have every chance of making a big splash.

They take the elements of video gaming that have underpinned many other popular games in recent years, and combine them with what could easily be called the king of games – online poker – which thoroughly can test even the most skilful of players at times. All in all, it’s a potentially potent combination, and one that could see power up poker take a lofty position in the lists of favourite games for many players.